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First Contact {for [personal profile] greenstarshipping}

While life had certainly been worse for the Voyager crew in the last few months, it hadn't been quite this boring, either. Captain Janeway knew it was in bad taste to complain because it was far better for her crew to contend with mostly empty space punctuated by a few disinterested planets who seemed happy to give them safe passage in exchange for minding their own business. It didn't take long for them to get passed the few inhabited planets in the sector and within a couple weeks, they were well on their way to a week of boredom.

Harry managed to track down a few anomalies here and there, but Janeway was getting the impression he was looking for anything to keep them busy. So when he excitedly announced the appearance of a distress beacon on sensors, she couldn't help the roll of her eyes and give a knowing look towards Chakotay. It could have been anything, they knew, but she had Paris change course after it immediately. Even if it proved to be nothing, and took them off course by a couple hours, it was better than the nothing they had been biding their time with.

When freighter came up on sensors, Harry confirmed once again it was a distress call. Janeway stood up, smoothing out her uniform and telling Tuvok to scan the area before she asked Harry to open up a comm channel to the freighter.

"This is Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager," she announced, hoping whoever manned the freighter would be able to respond. "We received your distress beacon. Are you in need of assistance?"
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Esteri had been on a lovely cargo run. Lovely! She'd been ahead of schedule, even, before she'd run into an unexpected micro-meteor shower that her sensors had failed to detect in time. Humming along at the grand speed of Warp 2, the space debris had punched holes through her ship and it was only through good luck and excellent timing that she had managed to get into a spacesuit in time. Atmosphere venting, cargo ruined, and engines gone she'd barely had enough power to send a distress signal and had spent an uncomfortable four days floating in her crash-webbing and hoping someone would run across her.

That possibility had seemed increasingly smaller as time went. This was a sparsely populated area of space and she'd been eating her emergency rations. There was enough for two weeks, maybe a month if she stretched it but she'd been more worried about air. She had enough spare oxygen in canisters or that she could siphon from intact tanks to last a week more or less and halfway through she'd begun contemplating whether it would be better to suffocate, open her suit, or use the energy pistol she kept. So when her commboard lit up with a hail, she'd been pleasantly surprised. The alert jerked her from a disinterested doze and slapped the response button.

Janeway is treated to a relieved smile breaking across Esteri's face. She looks mostly human, though the faint scattering of aquamarine dots running from her temples and across the bridge of her nose put that notion out of mind.

"This is Esteri Attar, star-freighter Maiden's Joy. Prophet's stars, I'm glad to see you. Yeah, I need the assistance pretty badly--everything over here is pretty fried."
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Esteri looks as if she could kiss each and every one of Janeway's people. At least if she can get on board. She glances around her for a moment, making sure that anything she'd need for evacuation is close to hand. Personal effects can be retrieved later. Her manifest, registration, ownership documents and a record of what had happened would all be important if she needed to make a claim with the insurance.

"Not unless you could call the body odor from spending four days in a spacesuit injured. It's just me--hard to believe you can run one of these old cargo-pushers by yourself, I know. I was beginning to think no one would run across me all the way out here."
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Esteri had been preparing herself for the grueling process of waiting for the new vessel to dock with her own for a transfer--or worse, a space-walk. So when Janeway offers a 'transport' aboard, it catches her off guard. This kind of technology seems a bit beyond what she knows of, though she's heard rumors of this Voyager among other traders. Their advanced technology and helpful nature definitely haven't been exaggerated. That's a bit of relief, honestly. Someone else could have run across her and she might be fighting off unscrupulous scavengers.

"It just moves you from place to place? Ah... Well, if you say it's safe, I'm ready to get someplace with artificial gravity and a shower. Just get me off of here and then I can actually spare a moment to think about it." Esteri grumbles. "Ready when you are, captain."
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Esteri wasn't sure what to expect from this transportation. What was moving instantly from place to place going to feel like? She didn't have much time to think about it before it actually happened though. And really, it was over before it began! Esteri blinked and looked around her at the sickbay before the Doctor greeted her, asked her name, and then they set to getting her out of her spacesuit.

By the time Janeway and Tuvok arrive, she's sitting on the examination table in a tank-top and sturdy looking work trousers. Now that she's out of her suit, it's easy see that in addition to her markings, she has elfin ears rather in the Vulcan mode. The Doctor is still scanning her but when the captain enters she tries to hop to her feet and assume an attitude of attention--something that's stopped in its tracks by the Doctor's firm but gentle hand and a reprimanding glance.

"Miss Attar, I haven't finished my scans yet. While I'm sure you're eager to meet the captain, it can be done from a sitting position." That said, he continues his work, not even glancing up at Janeway and Tuvok as they enter the Sickbay. Etteri looks appropriately chagrined, but gives Janeway a smile.

"Tired, but otherwise I think I'll be alright. The Doctor has been very helpful." The Doctor gives an appreciative nod.

"She seems to be in good health, aside from a lack of proper sleep and slight dehydration. She might want to see someone in Engineering about her extremities though. I'm familiar with prosthesis, but these are impressive examples." Esteri's expression turns a little sheepish and waggles her fingers towards Janeway and Tuvok.

"They're just my going-away present for years of dedicated service. Not that impressive, really."
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Esteri seems a little surprised by the interest her rescuers have taken in her limbs. There's a nervous little laugh as the conversation goes on around her and she manages to rein herself in before she does anything too impolitic.

"I'm sure they're working fine--they're rated for vacuum exposure, at least with the actual working parts. Of course, the synth-skin would have some problems, but you'd still have fingers and toes." Esteri smiles, trying to put a good face on. Really, she's exhausted and falling into a clean bed sounds amazing. On the other hand, she should do her best to be accomodating.

"I'm sure a walk would do me good after four days in zero-gravity. Besides, if I get a chance to see your engine room, that might make up for it." The Doctor gets a beaming smile.

"I'm fortunate to be in the hands of such a skilled medical professional. I thank you very much for your help." She dips her head and finally pushes herself to her feet. She gathers up the components to her spacesuit as the Doctor puffs up with pride at her praise. Then Esteri moves to follow Janeway out of the Sickbay and down the corridor towards the turbolift.

"So, the rumor mill says you're a... 'Confederation' starship?"
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"The Federation, right. They sound wonderful, honestly. Exploration and science. WIsh I had time for that kind of thing, you know?" As they walk through the corridors, Esteri attentively peering at the rather comfortably appointed ship. Carpeted floors instead of of grills and deck-plating! Fancy. She pauses to touch a hand against the wall of the corridor.

"Where is the Federation? I've never heard of them. You've got to be a wealthy people with things like transporters and this cushy exploration vessel." Esteri chuckles as they step into the turbolift to begin the journey down to engineering. Tuvok's stone-faced gaze gets a curious glance as they're forced into tighter confines, but Janeway's next question diverts her attention.

I'm from the Tarani Commonwealth. Back the way I came hundred, one hundred and fifty light years, give or take? I was doing a cargo haul circuit. My last stop before heading back home was actually a few light years in the direction you're coming from, but I think the cargo is probably a write off at this point." Esteri sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose in exasperation. She'd made good money on the trip so far, but losing the chance to pick up some goods here that would make her better money back home was frustrating.

"It took me almost a year to get out this far, too. The engines on the Maiden's Joy top out at Warp 6.8 and I cruise at warp 4 or so."
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"That's quite a story." Esteri lets out a low whistle. Stranded so far from home? She's not sure she'd have had the mental fortitude to try and make it home instead of finding someplace to just settle in with a friendly bunch of aliens. the hum of the turbolift is new, too. Nothing like the mechanical sounds of the lifts she's used to!

"I can't imagine a society without money or currency. That seems so strange to me. In the commonwealth, we have government support for people who can't work, but you're supposed to contribute in some way. Being able to put all these resources into a ship for exploration... It's fascinating." She smiles brightly. She's a military woman, but she means it. If a society can afford ships like these for science, it must be a good one, as far as she's concerned.

"I mean, there's not a lot to tell. We're a collection of planets that banded together for economic and military reasons and we mostly trade and don't make trouble. It's a nice enough place to live. I'd probably be happier if I had something to tie me down besides my work, though." Esteri shrugs, her face taking on a bit of a distant look as the turbolift hums to a stop. With no real family to hold her down, she spent much of her life wandering the spacelanes, now. An interesting life, if a bit dull at times.

"I served in the Commonwealth Space Defense Force for a while. I was a pilot," she mentions casually as they step into engineering. Any further explanation is cut off by an admiring gasp.

"That's your warp core?"
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"We do our best to help everyone. Some are more fortunate than others, though. I was lucky I was in the military or my prosthetics wouldn't be nearly as good as the ones they gave me." Esteri shakes her head. The accident that had ended her career was still a fresh sore in her memory at times. Further thoughts turned quickly to the technological marvel in front of her. She'd never seen a Warp core like this before! Usually they were broad, bulky things encased in a meter of protective shielding to make sure the radiation didn't fry the engineering crew. Torres doesn't get a salute, but she does get a curt military nod, one working woman to another.

"I don't want to interrupt if your engineer has more important things to do than look at my rust bucket, really," Esteri says sheepishly. She shoots B'Elanna a sympathetic look.

"The Doctor thought you might want to give my prosthetics a scan, but I don't want to be a bother."

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Esteri humbly submitted to the scans and finally took a seat when Janeway offered. Really, it was nice to be able to move around a bit after spending a few days floating.

"I'm sure she will. I'm not terribly worried, though. I have the feeling they came through none the worse for wear." Although Esteri didn't technically need to stretch, she did so anyways. She arched her arms over her head with a shift of her weight, then settled again as Janeway continued to speak.

"I wanted to fly, mostly. Have since I was a kid and I was really good at it. Still am. Just not the way I used to." Ruefully, Esteri shook her head. She's mostly made her peace with her situation, but it's still not fun to think about.

"I spent a decade of my life in the SDF. Longer, if you count the academy."
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"Maybe! Depends on how you fly these things..." Esteri is still staring at the warp core from time to time. She's no engineer but the damn thing is fascinating. She flexes her fingers on both hands just to make sure they're still in working condition and then pushes herself to her feet.

"Mm. Nothing like it, but that's probably a good thing. If I couldn't fly at all, I'd be miserable." She shrugs a shoulder, leaving that cryptic statement hanging in the air.

"And yes, yes. I think a nice long, quiet break from excitement is just what I want these days..."