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YES GOOD I have been canon reviewing some eps myself!

Janeway can't help but be relieved as well. Distress calls didn't always end as well, and finding survivors was always preferred. She could practically feel Harry vibrating with excitement over their new-found chance at some excitement, and she managed to hold back the urge to shoot him a look, instead concentrating on the woman in front of her.

They hadn't encountered her race yet, which probably would explain why she was floating out here and had yet to be rescued by her own people. Tuvok stoically informed her that the freighter was, in fact, badly damaged. Holes in the ship, thankfully not caused by weaponry, and complete loss of life support was enough to let Janeway know this wasn't going to be a simple case of lending her a few engineers to patch some holes and send her on her way. On the other hand, B'Elanna was going to be thrilled to have something to do other than stare at a perfectly functioning warp core.

"We're glad to be of assistance. Are you injured? Is there any more crew on your ship?"

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