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If nothing else, Janeway is always pleased to hear that Voyager's reputation preceded it, and usually in a good way. She'd rather her crew be known as helpful above anything else; although when it came to the more violent races, she didn't mind letting people know that her crew was no one to be messed with either.

In cases like this, though, it is always altruism that wins out over bravado. Keeping in line with Starfleet sensibilities was what had kept her crew honest over the years, and Janeway never hesitates to help a stranger in need. She gives the order to have Esteri transported directly to sickbay, deciding to leave Chakotay in charge so that she can greet the new arrival herself. Tuvok insisted on coming, of course, but that wasn't to be helped. Janeway doesn't think their new friend has any ulterior motives, but she tells Harry to keep scanning the area just in case. Esteri aside, there was always a chance of other ships coming along to see what they could scavenge off the injured freighter.

Esteri can expect to be greeted by the Doctor, who in his usual not particularly warm bedside manner will help her get her suit off and check her for injuries. He will probably be wrapping it up by the time Janeway and Tuvok enter, and Janeway is relieved to see that their new arrival doesn't seem injured, though probably exhausted and hungry.

"Welcome to Voyager," she says cheerily, hoping to make Esteri feel at ease. She gestures behind her. "This is our security officer, Lieutenant Tuvok. And you've already met the Doctor, who I am sure is making you feel at home." The last bit is said with a bit of a warning, knowing how the Doctor can be. "How are you feeling?"

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