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Major Esteri Attar (Ret.) ([personal profile] greenstarshipping) wrote in [community profile] embarkation 2017-04-29 03:24 pm (UTC)

Esteri wasn't sure what to expect from this transportation. What was moving instantly from place to place going to feel like? She didn't have much time to think about it before it actually happened though. And really, it was over before it began! Esteri blinked and looked around her at the sickbay before the Doctor greeted her, asked her name, and then they set to getting her out of her spacesuit.

By the time Janeway and Tuvok arrive, she's sitting on the examination table in a tank-top and sturdy looking work trousers. Now that she's out of her suit, it's easy see that in addition to her markings, she has elfin ears rather in the Vulcan mode. The Doctor is still scanning her but when the captain enters she tries to hop to her feet and assume an attitude of attention--something that's stopped in its tracks by the Doctor's firm but gentle hand and a reprimanding glance.

"Miss Attar, I haven't finished my scans yet. While I'm sure you're eager to meet the captain, it can be done from a sitting position." That said, he continues his work, not even glancing up at Janeway and Tuvok as they enter the Sickbay. Etteri looks appropriately chagrined, but gives Janeway a smile.

"Tired, but otherwise I think I'll be alright. The Doctor has been very helpful." The Doctor gives an appreciative nod.

"She seems to be in good health, aside from a lack of proper sleep and slight dehydration. She might want to see someone in Engineering about her extremities though. I'm familiar with prosthesis, but these are impressive examples." Esteri's expression turns a little sheepish and waggles her fingers towards Janeway and Tuvok.

"They're just my going-away present for years of dedicated service. Not that impressive, really."

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