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Janeway couldn't stop her eyebrows from raising as she looks at Esteri's waving fingers. The Federation has certainly come a long way when it comes to prosthetics, but hers are seamless. She feels the jolt of excitement that comes with meeting a new race; there is so much to learn in Delta Quadrant, and Janeway always enjoys the opportunity to observe the new technology and customs that come with that kind of exploration.

"I'm sure our chief engineer would be more than happy to take a look at them," Kathryn assures. She would have to meet B'Elanna anyway, who would no doubt want to work with her on repairing the freighter when the time came. Hopefully, the new challenge will keep B'Elanna in a good mood.

"If you're up for it, I can offer you a tour of the ship on our way to Engineering. Then we can escort you to your guest quarters." Janeway glances at the Doctor, just as interested in him clearing his patient as she was in what Esteri was interested in doing.

"I wouldn't recommend anything too strenuous before a good night's sleep," the Doctor cautions. He picks up a hypospray, staring at it thoughtfully and Janeway knows exactly what was coming next. "Luckily for you all, my advanced knowledge of alien physiology has helped me already grasp an understanding of her race's basic medical needs, so after some rest, she should be good as new."

Janeway swears she can hear Tuvok internally roll his eyes, even through his stoic Vulcan logic.

"I'll make sure Lieutenant Torres sends you a report about our guest's prosthetics to add to you database," Janeway says, not without some slight mocking to her tone. She's just eager now to get going and get to know their new arrival better. "Are you up for a little walk, Miss Attar?"

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