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Major Esteri Attar (Ret.) ([personal profile] greenstarshipping) wrote in [community profile] embarkation 2017-05-01 06:32 am (UTC)

Esteri seems a little surprised by the interest her rescuers have taken in her limbs. There's a nervous little laugh as the conversation goes on around her and she manages to rein herself in before she does anything too impolitic.

"I'm sure they're working fine--they're rated for vacuum exposure, at least with the actual working parts. Of course, the synth-skin would have some problems, but you'd still have fingers and toes." Esteri smiles, trying to put a good face on. Really, she's exhausted and falling into a clean bed sounds amazing. On the other hand, she should do her best to be accomodating.

"I'm sure a walk would do me good after four days in zero-gravity. Besides, if I get a chance to see your engine room, that might make up for it." The Doctor gets a beaming smile.

"I'm fortunate to be in the hands of such a skilled medical professional. I thank you very much for your help." She dips her head and finally pushes herself to her feet. She gathers up the components to her spacesuit as the Doctor puffs up with pride at her praise. Then Esteri moves to follow Janeway out of the Sickbay and down the corridor towards the turbolift.

"So, the rumor mill says you're a... 'Confederation' starship?"

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