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Watching the exchange between them entertains Janeway; most of the time, the Doctor's self-esteem borders on intolerable, but she can't deny he's the best at his job. Of course, being a hologram gave him a step up. Hopefully the warmth from their guest won't go too much to his head.

Kathryn escorts Esteri out of sickbay with a wave, flanking her as the walk down the hallway towards the turbolift. Tuvok follows them, at a respectful but prepared distance, always ready to jump in if things took a turn. Janeway doubts it will be a problem; granted, even she has to admit her judgment of character isn't exactly infallible, but in this case, she doubts they have anything to worry about.

"We call it the Federation," she corrects, offering Esteri an impish smile. "We have allied with a number of other planets who share similar ideals to our own, and we share technology and cultures, among other things. Voyager is specifically a part of Starfleet. Our mission is to explore as much of space as we can, meet new species and expand our understanding of the universe and the races that inhabit it as much as possible."

Of course, Voyager has taken "seek out new life and new civilizations" to a new extreme. Janeway only hopes that meeting new races like Esteri's would give them more of an idea of what lay beyond the Federation's normal scope of exploration; not to mention, Kathryn herself revels in the adventure of meeting such fascinating races. She's more than happy to answer any of Esteri's questions, although she has plenty of her own.

"Are you far from home? We would love the opportunity to learn more about your race and planet."

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