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"The Federation, right. They sound wonderful, honestly. Exploration and science. WIsh I had time for that kind of thing, you know?" As they walk through the corridors, Esteri attentively peering at the rather comfortably appointed ship. Carpeted floors instead of of grills and deck-plating! Fancy. She pauses to touch a hand against the wall of the corridor.

"Where is the Federation? I've never heard of them. You've got to be a wealthy people with things like transporters and this cushy exploration vessel." Esteri chuckles as they step into the turbolift to begin the journey down to engineering. Tuvok's stone-faced gaze gets a curious glance as they're forced into tighter confines, but Janeway's next question diverts her attention.

I'm from the Tarani Commonwealth. Back the way I came hundred, one hundred and fifty light years, give or take? I was doing a cargo haul circuit. My last stop before heading back home was actually a few light years in the direction you're coming from, but I think the cargo is probably a write off at this point." Esteri sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose in exasperation. She'd made good money on the trip so far, but losing the chance to pick up some goods here that would make her better money back home was frustrating.

"It took me almost a year to get out this far, too. The engines on the Maiden's Joy top out at Warp 6.8 and I cruise at warp 4 or so."

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