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Janeway watched as Esteri interacted with her new environment. Starfleet was certainly one of the more comfort-oriented feets in the Federation; even their allies often opted for colder, less elegant models of starships. And Voyager had been new when it departed from the Alpha Quadrant, and that was reflected in more than simply its technology. Her ship must very well look like another world to someone like Esteri.

"Our planet abolished the concepts and currency and wealth long ago," Janeway explained. "Some of our neighboring planets and other members of the Federation still use it, but Earth - my planet - and others don't. Everyone contributes an equal amount to our society, although we do obtain currency and other items to trade with planets that still use it."

At least the idea of money isn't entirely foreign to her, especially now that they are in the Delta Quadrant. Voyager was lucky enough to have enough food or medical supplies to trade for items or currency when they needed it. To her, it was strange to think about living in a society that used currency. On the other hand, she found herself thankful that it was no longer a priority on Earth. She knew enough history of her own planet to know the kind of class divides that money created, and the strife that came along with it.

"When we arrived in the Delta Quadrant, we found ourselves about 70 thousand light-years from home. Our ship is capable of warp 10, but it's too much of a strain to constantly maintain, so we tend to travel between 6 and 8 light years. We're an exploration vessel, and the first in our quadrant to be this far from home, so we find ourselves stopping to meet other planets, obtain supplies or - as the case was with you - helping when we can."

Taking Esteri home would, unfortunately, take quite a bit of time off of their travel home, but the crew would do it if there was no other option. "Hopefully we will be able to fix your ship and have you on your way as soon as possible. If not, we will be more than happy to escort you to your next port and help you find a way back to your planet. And we'll do whatever we can to help you salvage any of your cargo." Not beyond replacing it, if possible. Janeway first and foremost wanted to help make sure their new friend was safe, and Voyager did prove to be in better shape than a number of ships they encountered on their travels. Their generosity had bit them before, however, so Janeway knew she had to walk a line when helping anyone they made contact with.

"I'd like to hear more about the Tarani Commonwealth, when you're feeling up to it."

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