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sorry this took a bit

Janeway waits patiently as the turbolift smoothly moves them down to engineering, genuinely interested as Esteri talks about her background. While she loves learning about new races, she also enjoys the excitement she sees when people step foot on Voyager; she's a nice ship, and Janeway is proud of her and her crew.

"A currency based economy is just as strange to us as we are to you," Janeway notes with a smile. "But it sounds as if you have a system in place to help all members of your community. It's more than can be said for Earth hundreds of years ago."

She listens to Esteri as she recounts her personal background, making notes for future questions. When the turbolift finally opens to expose engineering, Janeway gestures to let their guest out first as she and Tuvok follow. Engineering is busy, as usual, crew members wandering around, chattering and working on diagnostics. Janeway spots B'Elanna draped over a console and waves her down.

"This is Voyager's warp core," she confirms. "And this is our Chief Engineer, B'Elanna Torres."

B'Elanna, as usual, seems irked at the interruption as she approaches them. "Captain, I'm swamped right now..." Janeway's look silences her and she sighs, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Lieutenant Torres, this is Estari Attar. We'll be helping her with repairs on her ship. Among other things."

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