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"It's no inconvenience," Janeway replied with a look that was aimed more at B'Elanna than Esteri. The mention of prosthetics did seem to immediately pique the moody engineer's interest, though, and suddenly the pile of work that she had been complaining about faded into the backgound.

"These are pretty advanced," B'Elanna had admitted once she had taken a look at them. "I can run some diagnostics and make sure they are in working order." B'Elanna didn't have to add the "probably," but Janeway could pick it up in her voice. She had no doubt B'Elanna would catch on quickly to how the prosthetics worked - she was the chief engineer for a reason, after all.

She excused herself to gather diagnostic tools and Esteri was left once again with Janeway and Tuvok's silence observation. Janeway gestured to a chair for Esteri to sit down and leaned against a console, crossing her arms in front of her.

"Lieutenant Torres is one of the finest engineers I've ever worked with. She'll be able to find anything that might be wrong," she noted, nodding. Janeway had to admit, she was really curious as to what had happened to make her need the prosthetics, but she didn't want to ask. It seemed like an overly personal question and likely traumatizing, and Janeway's need to ensure her guest was comfortable outweighed her own curiosity. Instead, she decided to stick with safer subjects for the time being. "What brought you to the military to begin with?" It could have been a multitude of reasons, Janeway knew, but she wanted more background, more insight into who their new friend was.

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