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Captain Kathryn Janeway ([personal profile] thegoodshepherd) wrote in [community profile] embarkation 2017-06-30 04:41 am (UTC)

I am SO sorry, this month really got away from me

"It depends on the ship when it comes to Starfleet. Some ships and crews are assigned to specific missions for a period of months to years, usually exploratory. Others serve more long term purposes. But in all cases, you won't find any members of Starfleet who are unhappy to spend as much time as possible on a starship - or flying one, in this case."

Members of her crew might have been excluded from that statement years ago, but a lot had changed since their arrival to the Delta quadrant. However, now Janeway would find it difficult to parse the Maquis from the Starfleet officers. They all shared a common goal and, in turn, a loyalty to a ship they were never meant to spend more than a few months assigned to, much less the next several decades.

"If you're ready to go to your quarters, I can promise to give you a more thorough tour of the warp core once you've had some rest." Janeway gestured to the door, leading her out as Tuvok continued to follow in silence. "And I would love to hear more about your past if you would be willing to share. It sounds like you come from a fascinating background."

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