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maybe i'm a little bit over my head [for [personal profile] cantbecontained]

It had been a couple days since Myka had heard from Leonardo. She wasn't exactly concerned; they weren't dating, but they were friends and she tried to keep tabs on what was going on with him just so things didn't get awkward. Myka wasn't exactly the booty call kind.

But her collar was getting a little annoying and she missed his company, so Myka decided to show up unannounced at his place armed with a bottle of vodka and a smile. Her hair was pulled back in a controlled but still casual ponytail, and she tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for him to answer the door. When he finally did, her smile brightened even more.

"Hey there, stranger."
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"Evening, Signorina Bering," he said the words easily rolling over that tongue. He was in a button up shirt with sleeves buttoned at the cuff, a pair of slacks that were slightly loose and the most obviously change was the fact he'd shaved clean with only a light five o'clock shadow and flattened his hair.

"Would you care to come in?" he asked opening the door with a sweep of his arm to allow her in.
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"I'm sorry, but I've chosen not to partake," he said, picking up the bottle and taking it into the kitchen, barely touching it as if it was poison.

"You can, of course, but I have made tea if you prefer."
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"Yes, thank you for inquiring after my health," he said as he poured a cup of tea and added a very modest amount of cream and sugar. He poured another and looked back at her with a smile, keeping his eyes above her waist of she was wearing pants.

"And for your tea, how do you like it prepared?" he asked holding up the cream.
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"My dear friend," he said putting his hand on hers for a brief moment, "Nothing is wrong between us. Just the idea distresses me. Come, sit, let's talk."

He took both cups of tea and went into the living room, sitting down in one of the chairs and putting the tea on the coasters, motioning for her to take the chair across from him.
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He stared at her blankly, his own collar ten days tight and causing bruising at his neck. His cheeks went red and he turned away.

"I," he said sipping at his tea, "I didn't expect that, honestly."
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His head dropped and he shook it.

"Because I wouldn't dishonor you like that," he said firmly, "Not unless you wish to be wed to me."
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"I was wrong. I shouldn't have done that. I dishonored you and dishonored myself in the eyes of God," he said making the mark of the cross and looking up at the ceiling. Everything he did was pathetically sincere.
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"Se-" he said unable to get the word out, "I wouldn't play with any sort of intentions. I understand now that everything I did in the past was a mistake. My appetites aren't worth my soul and I need to amend my ways."
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"I am going to die. I have a few days, but I am going to hope my sacrifice might cleans my soul of it's ill deeds. Well, perhaps not the first one, but the next dozen or so. The things I've done. You wouldn't believe. I wouldn't dare speak of them with a lady present. I wouldn't speak of them without a priest to bless the room," he said with a shiver. He seemed honestly upset about the things he had done, the way he'd acted in the past. The sex was bad enough, but the dead bodies were where he had truly crossed the line.
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His cheeks went red which each time she said sex and his ears turned pink when she said it was good. He did his best to look ashamed, but his body was still stirring.

"And what will you do when I don't or can't allow you to...stop what needs to happen?"
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His eyes shut as her fingers started to expose flesh. He turned his head away and felt the fabric of her shirt in his fingers. He was instantly indignant.

"Please, don't degrade yourself. This is madness and against my will. Please, just stop now."
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His eyes opened and he met hers, and only her eyes. He stared into the depth of her dark iris and saw her pain. She wanted to help. Perhaps she'd been sent here, an angel to forgive him and save him.

"Yes," he said and offered her the shirt back, "But please redress. This isn't the place and I am most definitely not ready for that much as of yet."
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He stood up, his hands shaking as he pushed off the table. He stood before her, eyes open and still on her face. He turned and motioned to the back of the house.

"The bedroom, if you will. I believe that is where this is meant to happen. Are you sure you wouldn't reconsider the marriage option?"

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