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it's a love that you can't buy

Chloe was pissed.

It was a general state of being for her, at least 50% of the time. When the other 50% wasn't a balance of elatedly happy or incredibly turned on, the rest of it was a general annoyance with existence of a man who had, by all intents and purposes, accidentally moved in with her.

It hadn't been an issue, really. They worked together every day, and some days it was easier for him to come home with her or vice-versa, especially if they wanted time together that didn't include dead bodies and paperwork. The nights Trixie was with Dan were usually the nights Chloe stayed at the penthouse, although Maze never complained about overnight babysitting. Still, Chloe wanted to be with her daughter and when the two nights a week with Lucifer turned to three, and then four, and then every single night, there was no getting around it.

If Lucifer was going to be a part of Chloe's life, Trixie came with the package.

It helped that Trixie adored Lucifer. It also helped that Maze adored Trixie, and made sure Lucifer knew as much. Lucifer wasn't the most touchy-feely adult in Trixie's life, and Chloe's hackles stayed up for the first few weeks, watching their interactions carefully. But she couldn't help the way her heart started to relax when Lucifer let Trixie mix the pancake batter Saturday mornings, even though she never got all the lumps out, or the way he would perch at the end of her bed and, in his soothing accent, read from one of Trixie's favorite books as Chloe leaned in the doorway, a smile playing across her face.

And after a while, for as strange and unconventional as their living situation was, it became their new normal. Most important of all, Trixie was happy, and that was what mattered to Chloe.

Unfortunately, sometimes she was too happy.

"Lucifer!" Chloe stormed into their bedroom, one hand clutching the clear takeaway container that was still smeared with the remains of chocolate icing. "I told you not to get her chocolate cake on the way home from school. How am I supposed to get her to eat dinner?"
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can't feel nothing but this chain that binds me

Sometimes in the spring, when the breeze is calm and the sun bakes her shoulders, she can almost pretend it's the New York it used to be.

She knows that isn't true; that the world has been the way it is now since before she can remember. She knows the stories her grandparents told her as a child, about the war and the heroes that rose and fell. That was long before she was old enough to understand that magic truly was only the thing of fairy tales, and the stories of heroes were wrought with suffering. It was before her mother had been slaughtered; before her father had crawled into the bottom of a bottle to find his grief; before her life became a quest for unsatisfied vengeance.

It was before the heroes that fell rose again and before her city became a war zone for an enemy only abated for the actions of a small group of people. The Battle of New York had changed the world for everyone, but for Kate Beckett it was just a reminder of how fragile life really was.

The city had largely recovered and people went back about their lives, not unlike they did after the endless tragedies that peppered human existence. It was Saturday, a rare day in the month when she was neither on duty nor on call, and she was going grocery shopping. The market she frequented seemed unusually busy, thanks to the temperate weather and the way spirits had risen since the events in Washington, DC. She paused briefly at a newsstand, her eyes running over the headlines.


She didn't buy a newspaper.

After a few more short stops, Kate found her way to her favorite produce stand. The fruits and vegetables were shuffled down from upstate, and she enjoyed the feel of the soft, lumpy organic produce in her hands. She offered her typical smile of greeting to the woman who ran the stand before she started to peruse the options, debating what she felt like carrying back to her apartment. It was a nice change of pace to be here, instead of stuck behind her desk, and she was glad for the nice weather and pleasant sounds of the market around her. Kate was so lost in her thoughts she barely noticed the man she nearly bumped into as she moved towards a display of ripe plums.

First Contact {for [personal profile] greenstarshipping}

While life had certainly been worse for the Voyager crew in the last few months, it hadn't been quite this boring, either. Captain Janeway knew it was in bad taste to complain because it was far better for her crew to contend with mostly empty space punctuated by a few disinterested planets who seemed happy to give them safe passage in exchange for minding their own business. It didn't take long for them to get passed the few inhabited planets in the sector and within a couple weeks, they were well on their way to a week of boredom.

Harry managed to track down a few anomalies here and there, but Janeway was getting the impression he was looking for anything to keep them busy. So when he excitedly announced the appearance of a distress beacon on sensors, she couldn't help the roll of her eyes and give a knowing look towards Chakotay. It could have been anything, they knew, but she had Paris change course after it immediately. Even if it proved to be nothing, and took them off course by a couple hours, it was better than the nothing they had been biding their time with.

When freighter came up on sensors, Harry confirmed once again it was a distress call. Janeway stood up, smoothing out her uniform and telling Tuvok to scan the area before she asked Harry to open up a comm channel to the freighter.

"This is Captain Janeway of the starship Voyager," she announced, hoping whoever manned the freighter would be able to respond. "We received your distress beacon. Are you in need of assistance?"
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✰ For when captcha takes over!
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open smut/fluff post;


❥ Comment with your character
❥ Request one of mine from this list (or I will one)
❥ Specify smut times, fluff times or a scenario
(unless you want me to choose!)
❥ Profit with love
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open to all;


✔ Comment with one of your muses.
✔ Choose one of my muses from this list!
✔ Set up a scene or prompt (song lyrics, a photo, a quote, etc). Plot punter is a good place for ideas, or leave it blank and I'll come up with something.
✔ Profit!
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tfln tracker


» » » alex drake

3/18: I've started brushing my teeth at 6pm, because honestly alcohol is the only thing I consume after that.
4/2: He wanted a handjob during a John Wayne movie. I just couldn't find it in my heart to disrespect that man. John Wayne that is.

» » » claire dearing

👠 3/25: I feel like I could have been bitchier and missed an opportunity.

» » » kate beckett

3/25: Why make bad decisions when I can watch you?

» » » mack stuart

🎸 3/18//cont.: Let's play a little game called "Chill the Fuck Out" - you're our first contestant
🎸 3/18//cont.: I took your recycling out. The 9 champagne bottles, vodka bottle, and tequila bottle is how I knew it was yours.
🎸 3/26//cont.: I rewarded myself with Taco Bell tonight for going a full week without punching my roommates in the face or wishing bodily harm on them.
🎸 4/1: Don't ask me how, but I have a squirrel in my backpack and I don't know what to do with it.

» » » tony stark

7/9: she pointed to my dick and said you are going to save the world

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Character Dæmons

Alex Drake



Claire Dearing



Irene Adler



Kate Beckett



Kathryn Janeway



Mack Stuart



Myka Bering



Vala Mal Doran



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smut preferences;


accidental stimulation | adrenaline and crisis | angst | BDSM/breathplay/asphyxiation/biting/etc (light & consensual) | polysexuality | oral sex | come marking/come play | forbidden pleasures | forced orgasm/orgasm denial | foreplay | masturbation | pain (with pleasure) | playing hard to get | public displays of affection | restraints (light & consensual) | rough sex (quick/hate sex/etc) | sex (awkward sex, bad sex, interrupted sex, etc) | smarm | threesomes | UST |
aliens make them have sex/sex pollon/dub-con | anal sex | anonymous sex | body swap | bonds (telepathic/empathic) | master/slave | begging or offering | cross-dressing | semi-consensual | ownership | violent and dark natures | voyeurism |
underage | animalistic aspects (tentacles, etc) | beastiality | blood-play | non-consensual | scat | watersports | vore

code by [community profile] cleverghoul

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lyrics i've used

Alex Drake | [personal profile] ladybols | Bruce Springsteen lyrics
Chloe Decker | [personal profile] thevulnerability | The Killers lyrics
Claire Dearing | [personal profile] theworkaholic | Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat"
Irene Adler | [personal profile] thewoman | Richard Thompson lyrics
Kate Beckett | [personal profile] themuse | Delta Goodrem lyrics
Kathryn Janeway | [personal profile] thegoodshepherd | Fall Out Boy lyrics
Mack Stuart | [personal profile] theconsequences | Halsey lyrics
Myka Bering | [personal profile] thedetails | The Script lyrics
Vala Mal Doran | [personal profile] theliar | Goo Goo Dolls lyrics

Charlotte Ellison | [personal profile] thecontrary | Eisley lyrics
Clarice Starling | [personal profile] therube | Ash Wednesday by T.S. Eliot
Deanna Troi | [personal profile] theempath | N/A
Elizabeth Burke | [personal profile] thewife | Seanan McGuire lyrics
Gillian Owens | [personal profile] theworsttaste | Jackson Browne lyrics
Kiera Cameron | [personal profile] thebitchcop | OneRepublic lyrics
Miss Parker | [personal profile] thehuntress | Jackson Browne lyrics
Misty Day | [personal profile] thewitch | Stevie Nicks lyrics
Molly Grue | [personal profile] wheniwasnew | Nickel Creek lyrics
Monica Reyes | [personal profile] thevisionary | N/A
Phryne Fisher | [profile] theslueth | P!nk lyrics
Rey | [personal profile] theawakening | N/A
Tamsin | [personal profile] thevalkyrie | Evanescence lyrics

Kate Beckett {teen} | [personal profile] stormfan1117 | Taylor Swift lyrics
Myka Bering {teen} | [personal profile] inmymemorylocked | Vanessa Carlton, "White Houses"
Sam Carter {teen} | [personal profile] protostardestroyer | Diana Ross, "If We Hold on Together"
Vala Mal Doran {teen} | [personal profile] protostarstealer | N/A

Glinda Arduenna | [personal profile] thegood | Quotes from the book Wicked
Gwen Cooper | [personal profile] thecopper | Stevie Nicks lyrics
Jo Martinez | [personal profile] thedrinker | Bruce Springsteen lyrics
Nikki Heat | [personal profile] theheat | N/A
Stephanie Speck | [personal profile] thejerkoftheworld | Max Carl and Marcy Levy, "Come and Follow Me"
Vera Mal Queen | [personal profile] thedame | N/A

i feel my soul waist deep and sinking

Who: Jo Martinez and Henry Morgan
Where: The Residences
When: TBD
Rating: PG
Summary: Jo washes up in the Hudson in an alternate New York City, and finds out Henry is there.

into this black river of doubt )
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hmd links;

How's My Driving? Links

✎ altered states.
☑ alex drake ❝ ❞ [personal profile] theposhmouthytart ❝ ashes to ashes ❞ {private hmd}
☑ irene adler ♫ [personal profile] thewoman ♫ sherlock holmes ♫ {private hmd}
☑ kate beckett ☕ [personal profile] themuse ☕ castle ☕ {private hmd}
☑ mack stuart 🎸 [personal profile] theconsequences 🎸 original character 🎸 {private hmd}
☑ peggy carter ♦ [personal profile] notthesecretary ♦ agent carter ♦ {private hmd}

✎ entranceway.
☑ chloe decker ✥ [personal profile] thevulnerability ✥ lucifer ✥ {private hmd}

the complete muselist

If you are new to writing critiques and don't know where to start, feel free to check out my Critique Etiquette Post. If you would prefer to crit me in a more private manner, send a PM!

for hmds

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Writing a Critique You Won't Regret in the Morning

The Etiquette of Responding to a "How's My Driving" Post

Concrit in 3 easy steps:

1) Begin with something positive.  No one is the worst RPer ever. Even the worst writer has something positive, be it in their writing or something out of character, such as approachability or friendliness. Most of all, starting on a positive note helps the player being addressed to not immediately go on the defensive, not to mention beginning with a positive gives them a foundation to improve upon.

2) Address areas of needed improvement. Again, phrasing so that noted places of improvement doesn't come off as an attack will result in better reception of your critique.  Use specific examples for improvement.  Sweeping comments like "your character is inconsistent" often prove to be unhelpful to someone trying to understand why you would think that, especially since they are possibly too close to their writing to see it for themselves.  Try linking or quoting to specific incidents where the character was inconsistent, so that the player can clearly see the instances where their characterization became problematic.

3) Question and redirect.  It is often helpful to directly question the concern at hand; for example, "In the canon, Character is said to feel X way about this situation.  What has made them change in the game that gives them a Y point of view instead?"  Addressing through questions not only gives the player the opportunity to explain their point of view, but it also put them in a position to have to justify it in a way that makes sense outside of their own head.  You can also use these questions to help suggest redirection of characterization, especially if the player is extremely off the mark.  Again, specific examples from canon or gameplay will be helpful in clearly illustrating your point of view to the player.

- - -

As a player and and a critique writer, the most important thing I try to personally keep in mind is that regardless of how subpar their playing might be, they are still a human being who has put themselves in a vulnerable position by asking for crit.  The Golden Rule always applies, and I try to give the kind of in depth crit I would hope to receive.

I learned these steps through critiquing original writing, but I feel strongly is applies to role play as well as most story-telling mediums.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as open to crit no matter how well thought or thorough it may be, but it never hurts to assume the best.  If you give them a helpful, useful critique and it is responded to negatively, you can at least move on knowing that you did your best by offering support to a fellow writer, and it was their choice to not respect you in turn.

I know many talented writers on DW are well aware of these critique methods and use them regularly; but to those who are not, I do hope that they will find this post useful.

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. - Mark Twain

for [personal profile] themorals // T or C -verse

The nights were already getting warmer, and Mack always liked to take advantage of the comfortable weather. Usually by slipping on a tight dress and heading to a party, but the clock was moving to slow for her to think about anything beyond where the hell she put her eyeliner.

Mack slouched on the diner counter, her chin propped up on her fist, her eyes glazed over as if she was staring through the clock rather than at it. The diner was relatively busy, her tables neglected as she sighed heavily and finally turned to look at her fellow waitress.

"Izzy. Hey, Iz." She kept her voice low, trying to not to draw too much attention from the manager. Mack had already been yelled at twice today for loitering behind the counter and she highly suspected she might get fired the third time. Well, for the evening, anyway. There wasn't exactly a line out the door of people jumping for waitress jobs and Mack had already been "fired" at least five times in the last six months. "You gonna go with me to that party tonight or no?"
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This 'verse began as cross-over fun at an old game called Crowded Hour on LiveJournal and has since morphed into an epic con-artist love story for the ages.

You've Got a Fast Car... But is it Fast Enough So We Can Fly Away?
Neal goes on a joyride, only to end up in an accident outside the castle grounds. Receiving the distress call, Vala meets up with Harry Sullivan and goes to the rescue.

I Need to Know How to Live My Life as it's Meant to Be...
Bored and idle, Vala decides to go touch base with her new friend and drag him on an adventure to keep her mind off of things.

A Transition Into the Future...
Vala and Neal step across the threshold of time into the future. Finding themselves in deeper than they ever imagined, they both work to disguise their con-artist pasts from the other while hatching a whole new con to start their new lives on a mysterious space station.

That's What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas
Vala and Neal wake up in Las Vegas hitched, for real this time. And they don't seem particularly concerned about it. {AU, not officially part of the PSL}

The Con's On You
Posing on a space station as a married couple is easy enough... That is, until your not-so-insignificant other brings home a one-night stand. But quickly, a moment of jealousy becomes a disclosure of the lies that have been festering between them.

There Will Be Dancing
Expecting Neal to be gone, Vala returns to the room only to find him waiting with a home cooked dinner. But Vala can't be sure if this could be the start of something more, or just his way of saying goodbye.