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This 'verse began as cross-over fun at an old game called Crowded Hour on LiveJournal and has since morphed into an epic con-artist love story for the ages.

You've Got a Fast Car... But is it Fast Enough So We Can Fly Away?
Neal goes on a joyride, only to end up in an accident outside the castle grounds. Receiving the distress call, Vala meets up with Harry Sullivan and goes to the rescue.

I Need to Know How to Live My Life as it's Meant to Be...
Bored and idle, Vala decides to go touch base with her new friend and drag him on an adventure to keep her mind off of things.

A Transition Into the Future...
Vala and Neal step across the threshold of time into the future. Finding themselves in deeper than they ever imagined, they both work to disguise their con-artist pasts from the other while hatching a whole new con to start their new lives on a mysterious space station.

That's What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas
Vala and Neal wake up in Las Vegas hitched, for real this time. And they don't seem particularly concerned about it. {AU, not officially part of the PSL}

The Con's On You
Posing on a space station as a married couple is easy enough... That is, until your not-so-insignificant other brings home a one-night stand. But quickly, a moment of jealousy becomes a disclosure of the lies that have been festering between them.

There Will Be Dancing
Expecting Neal to be gone, Vala returns to the room only to find him waiting with a home cooked dinner. But Vala can't be sure if this could be the start of something more, or just his way of saying goodbye.


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