it's a love that you can't buy

Chloe was pissed.

It was a general state of being for her, at least 50% of the time. When the other 50% wasn't a balance of elatedly happy or incredibly turned on, the rest of it was a general annoyance with existence of a man who had, by all intents and purposes, accidentally moved in with her.

It hadn't been an issue, really. They worked together every day, and some days it was easier for him to come home with her or vice-versa, especially if they wanted time together that didn't include dead bodies and paperwork. The nights Trixie was with Dan were usually the nights Chloe stayed at the penthouse, although Maze never complained about overnight babysitting. Still, Chloe wanted to be with her daughter and when the two nights a week with Lucifer turned to three, and then four, and then every single night, there was no getting around it.

If Lucifer was going to be a part of Chloe's life, Trixie came with the package.

It helped that Trixie adored Lucifer. It also helped that Maze adored Trixie, and made sure Lucifer knew as much. Lucifer wasn't the most touchy-feely adult in Trixie's life, and Chloe's hackles stayed up for the first few weeks, watching their interactions carefully. But she couldn't help the way her heart started to relax when Lucifer let Trixie mix the pancake batter Saturday mornings, even though she never got all the lumps out, or the way he would perch at the end of her bed and, in his soothing accent, read from one of Trixie's favorite books as Chloe leaned in the doorway, a smile playing across her face.

And after a while, for as strange and unconventional as their living situation was, it became their new normal. Most important of all, Trixie was happy, and that was what mattered to Chloe.

Unfortunately, sometimes she was too happy.

"Lucifer!" Chloe stormed into their bedroom, one hand clutching the clear takeaway container that was still smeared with the remains of chocolate icing. "I told you not to get her chocolate cake on the way home from school. How am I supposed to get her to eat dinner?"