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Alex Drake | [personal profile] ladybols | Bruce Springsteen lyrics
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Charlotte Ellison | [personal profile] thecontrary | Eisley lyrics
Clarice Starling | [personal profile] therube | Ash Wednesday by T.S. Eliot
Deanna Troi | [personal profile] theempath | N/A
Elizabeth Burke | [personal profile] thewife | Seanan McGuire lyrics
Gillian Owens | [personal profile] theworsttaste | Jackson Browne lyrics
Kiera Cameron | [personal profile] thebitchcop | OneRepublic lyrics
Miss Parker | [personal profile] thehuntress | Jackson Browne lyrics
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Kate Beckett {teen} | [personal profile] stormfan1117 | Taylor Swift lyrics
Myka Bering {teen} | [personal profile] inmymemorylocked | Vanessa Carlton, "White Houses"
Sam Carter {teen} | [personal profile] protostardestroyer | Diana Ross, "If We Hold on Together"
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Glinda Arduenna | [personal profile] thegood | Quotes from the book Wicked
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Vera Mal Queen | [personal profile] thedame | N/A


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