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i feel my soul waist deep and sinking

Who: Jo Martinez and Henry Morgan
Where: The Residences
When: TBD
Rating: PG
Summary: Jo washes up in the Hudson in an alternate New York City, and finds out Henry is there.

Henry was usually the type to wake up in the Hudson, and once the shock of nearly drowning in the disgusting water had worn off, she was relieved about two things - that she wasn't naked, and she wasn't dead.

On the other hand, her phone was wasted, her gun was flooded, and someone had slipped a strange smart phone in her pocket. Jo quickly found her relief turning into confusion, anger and a little bit of fear.

It didn't take long to find herself at the Residences, staring down at the instructions on her phone and back up at the building for a few moments. Her wet, filthy clothes clung to her body and the cold rush of the New York winter air was starting to get the best of her, so she finally pulled in a shuttering breath before pulling open the door and stepping into the lobby. The blast of warm air from the heater was a relief, but it didn't do much to stave off the chill that had seemed to seep clear down into her very bones.

"What the hell is going on here," she murmured to herself, clutching the smart phone in her hand and glancing around the lobby again. Jo could feel her heart thundering in her chest. There was something not right about any of this.
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Henry wasn't having a good week. In fact he had barely been able to function the whole week. On the outside he looked well put together and calm, but inside he was a mess. He was worried and upset. He wanted to vomit and scream or run away and cry. He wanted to go home. None of this was right. Slowly, he sipped his coffee, putting it down calmly. Yes, on the outside he looked like a perfectly composed man, neat and tidy.

There was right up until the moment that Jo walked into the entrance way. Henry stood up, knocking over the table and his coffee in the process. He raced over to her, not feeling the slight burn on his pants or the stain on his trousers. None of it mattered.

"Jo?" he said using her first name with a desperate air to it, "Jo? Is Abe with you? Are you alright? When did you get here?"

He took off his jacket and put it around her.

"You're freezing. We should get you inside and dry you off before your catch cold."
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"No, Abe isn't here," he said in hushed tones. He didn't trust anyone here. They all could be in on it. It was a conspiracy theory mindset, but he didn't want to trust and be wrong. It wasn't worth the risk.

He put his arm around her back and started leading her to the elevator.

"The antique shop wasn't there. No one as your precinct knows you or me. The Medical examiners office doesn't know me and no one I know works there. I know, I checked. Our names aren't in the phone books and no one has ever heard of anyone I know and that's a large address book to ignore," he said pushing the button and pushing her into the box they could be alone in.
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The elevator jerked and they were on their way up. He wanted to comfort her, but there was nothing he could say. Nothing would ease her fear since they were likely well founded.

"For once, detective, there is nothing I can tell you that you don't already know about this place," he said as the door opened and he lead her out towards his apartments. He didn't bother worrying about how solicitous anyone would find that. He unlocked his door and rushed her inside to his private section before any of his roommates had a look at her. He closed his bedroom door than went the adjoining bathroom and motioned for her to follow.

"We need to get you cleaned up. I don't trust that water."
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This wasn't really his room. He didn't live here, didn't belong and only had had the last week to sleep here.

"I don't know, Jo," he said again exasperated and on the verge of yelling, "I don't know what's going on, but I know we're not safe. Now, please undress and get in the shower. I don't trust the water not to have unfortunate properties."

He didn't know how he ended up with his second affliction, but if it had anything to do with the water, he ended her to dry off. It might even hurt her, but it was impossible to tell. He didn't trust any other reports of what had happened. Who knew who was working against them.
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He hadn't meant in front of him. His head snapped quickly away when she started taking off her coat. He had feared she'd go further than that. His reaction was too sharp for his liking.

"You've gone through a dimensional rift, detective. I'm not worried about organic problems, but radiation and cosmic pollutants are more my issue."
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He groaned and stared her down as she started accusing him of things. He barely kept anything from her, besides his immortality and all that went with it. Alright so he might keep a few things form her.

"What do you want of me?" he asked exasperated and running his hand through his hair than spreading his arms wide, "I don't know what's going on. Clean up and I'll take you somewhere that will explain all of this. Unless you'd rather go the precinct looking like that."
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For the first time since she arrived he looked a little flustered. He gave her body a once over without trying to make it obvious. He guessed her measurements and then nodded his head awkwardly.

"Take a shower and I'll get you...something," he said motioning wildly towards her clothing, "I'll ask a neighbor."

He nodded his head and went to the door. He gave her a quick look to make sure she was still real than left without further explanation.
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Henry found and pestered a woman downstairs until she was willing to give up some clothing. She had looked at him like he was an absolutely madman when he asked for woman's clothing in her size. After a simple explanation, that should have honestly come first, he was able to acquire what he needed. They might not fit perfectly, but they would work. He hadn't had the courage to ask her for underthings, but they could dry what she did have.

He opened the door with his back, the clothing folded neatly on his hands and held on his outstretched arms like a butler. He suddenly had the distinct and uncomfortable knowledge that Jo might very well be naked or in naught but a towel when he opened the door. He paused and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Detective," he said risking a look over his shoulder.
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Henry was absolutely caught trying not to look. He was glad his back was still turned so she couldn't see his childish blush. He chided himself for being two hundred years old and still panicking at seeing a little skin. Honestly he hadn't had that reaction in ages. He was a doctor for god's sake.

He was turned and standing by the door still when she opened the door. He grinned at her and nodded as calmly as he could.

"I woke up in the river a week ago. I was greeted by a few residents who have been here for quite some time. They told me some unbelievable facts I could only understand by seeing it for myself. So, if you'll please," he said opening the door and motioning for her to leave, "Let me do the same for you."
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"Yes, but you may not have noticed that. You may have thought I was with you the last week. That is not uncommon," he said leading her down the walkway and towards the elevator again. He got in one once she did as well he hit the button.

"Tell me, detective, where you ever a fan of science fiction?" he asked hoping that was true since it'd make explaining all this easier.
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He resisted the urge to turn and look at her shocked. He had seen her since, for a job and that had been particularly eventful, but he couldn't let her see the surprise on his face. He couldn't worry her further.

"Do you understand the concept of multiple dimensions? If you've heard Michael Crichton's Timeline? It'd be the easiest way to explain this," Henry said as they walked onto the New York streets and towards the precinct.
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Henry could have taken her to the city block where the antique shop should have been, but he didn't have it in him. He couldn't imagine a world where Abe had never been. It didn't cross his mind as something he could accept.

"I don't either and I've been living this nightmare for a week on my own," he said as they approached the precinct in which Jo worked and opened the door. He let her go in to find what she may.
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He knew what she would feel. It was the same he'd felt when he'd walked into the medical examiners office. It was an emptiness where a home should be. He hated to see her go through it, but it was important for her to fully understand.

"I know," he said putting his hand on her lower back and pushing her back towards the door, "I know."

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